Important English MCQ

1. Every one should respect ___ parents. Fill up the gap by 

K) one’s          L) his           M) their          N) our

2. What kind of noun is ‘Discipline’?

K) Proper noun              L) Common noun

 M) Abstract noun            N) Collective noun

3. How many kinds of sentences are in English Grammar?

K) Four           L) Two                   M) Five                N) One

4. What is the noun of the verb ‘Depart’?

K) Departed                     L) Departing

 M) Departure                   N) Department

5. I am ___ M.B.B.S. Fill up the gap.

K) the                   L) a                    M) an                 N) no article

6. The cow is ___ useful animal.

K) an                   L) the                   M) a                  N) no article

7. We (to write) in the examination hall.

K) writing                  L) write 

M) shall be writing     N) written

8. Bangladesh was liberated ___ 1971.

K) on                   L) in                       M) at                  N) before

9. The man was accused ___ murder.

K) to                     L) of                      M) with                N) for

10. The staple diet in many Asian countries is

K) Wheat              L) Fruits                 M) Rice              N) Potato

11. ‘Stalwart’ means in politics –

K) bad supporter    L) reliable supporter

M) light supporter   N) No supporter

12. Thirmometer is an instrument for measuring –

K) temperature          L) air                     M) water          N) oil

13. The thief was caught redhanded. Here ‘red  handed’ means-

K) later                      L) trap                    M) with proof    N) None of them

14. Choose the best answer.

K) The man is mortal        L) Man is not mortal

M) A man is mortal            N) None

15. Which of the following is correct sentence?

K) He earns hundred taka a day

L) He earns a hundred taka a day

M) He earned a hundred taka day

N) None

16. He teaches us English. The passive form will be

K) English was taught us by him

L) English is taught us by him

M) English is teaching us by him

N) English was teaching us by him

17. ‘Kith and kin “means –                

K) good relation                   L)  blood relation  

M) bad relation                    N) Name of persons

18. ‘ad hoc’ is a ___ word.

K) French                           L) German                  M) English            N) Latin

19. What is the opposite word of ‘Optimist’?

 K) Pessimist                       L) Despair                   M) Negative          N) Desire

20. What is the correct translation of মানুষ বায়ু ছাড়া বাাঁচতে পারে না?

K) Man does not live without air

L) Man is not live without air

M) Man cannot live without air

N) Man lives without air

21. Correct translation of তুমি কি কখনোও বিদেশে গিয়েছ?

K) Have you been to abroad?

          L) Have you ever been to abroad?

M) You have been to abroad.

N) You have to abroad.

22. He was ___ in the prime life. Fill up the gap by the words given below.

K) cut out                 L) cut down             M) cut off                           N) cut up

23. He ___ many prizes at the school sports.

K) own                   L) got                      M) collected                        N) bore

24.  Live from hand to mouth- means in Bangla –

K) হাত দিয়ে মুখে খাবার দেওয়া

L) মুখ দিয়ে হাত চেটে খাওয়া

M) দিন আনে দিন খায়

N) হাত ও মুখের জন্য খাওয়া

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