English for Competitive Exam Book Chapter 1 & 2

Welcome to your English for Competitive Exam Book 1&2


Many significant revolutions of our country were headed by Dhaka University. The underline word is a/an---

Find out this text in your text book. The underlined words are respectively:

Although sunlight appears white,--- is actually a combination of all the colors of the spectrum.

Find the parts of speech of the underline word.
Nazrul is famous not only in Bangladesh but also in India.

'A herd of cattle is passing. 'The underline word is a/an----

Which is an example of verbal noun?

What type of noun the underlined word is? :Water has no colour of its own.

Honesty is the best policy. In the sentence the word 'Honesty' is---

To ride well requires practices. The underline part is---- phrase.

The poor are not always unhappy. 'The poor' is --- Noun

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